Junior Golphin 8 Iron - Red

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GFK+ 728 clubs are designed to be perfect for kids 7-8 years of age, between heights of 48" - 51.5" (122cm - 131cm), who have some experience playing the game of golf.

Providing kids with products that inspire a desire to progress and improve is mission critical as young golfers aspire towards competition golf. GolPhin's engineering team have therefore developed a high-performance range of clubs to enable a transition from Beginners to Winners for kids aged 7 to 14.

Designed in four stages, the club weight and shaft CPM (flex and torque) increases as the kids grow taller and increase their club head speed.


  •  Designed for 7-8-year olds
  • Competition Authenticated
  • Four Stage Development
  • Hight Range (122cm - 131cm)